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Technology addapted to our costumers needs

Providing our costumer the technical chances which are provided in the newest systems and lastly breakthroughs in technology in order to upgrade the behavior and energy efficiency of the systems.

Meat sector Temperature and humidity control is essential in meat products conservation
Vegetable sector The organoleptic features of fruits and vegetables needs an aquired temperature and humidity control.
Fishing sector The ultrafreezing of the product is currently the main mean of fishing conservation.
Bakery Bakery sector can not be understood wihout neither freezing nor ferentation process control.
Logistics platforms In logistics everything needs to be under cntrol in order to keep the products' features.
Plastic sector Efficiency through the combination of adiabatic equipments for oils,micro-chiller and freecooling for molds.
Dairy Sector. The milk's conservation and refrigeration goes together since the first moment for the conservation of the aliment.
Clean Room Technology The design, adaptation and implementation of cleanroom covers needs of industry and science and research.