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Success achieved through daily work.

Tefrigo is a company specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioner, heating, commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, electricity, hydraulic and machinery fabrication installations for refrigeration applications in several sectors.

A company that began 30 years ago

Tefrigo was funded more than 23 years ago by our founder D. Juan Gómez with more than 22 years of technical experience background and afterwards as a cofounder of several societies dedicated to refrigeration sector, he decided to set up his own company independently.

Tefrigo is proud of keeping the confidence of the most of its customers who have gone through the different times and changes which the Spanish economy have suffered, being able to adapt to the different technical and economical evolutions suffered in these lastly years.

Tefrigo is currently run by the second generation who has known how to perform the adaptations needed in order to place the company in capability of launching a controlled development which comes from the experience through all these years concerning the principles in which the company was funded and which our founder passed on. 

Our growth evidence of a job well done

Since the beginning Tefrigo have desired to be at the head of technology advances applying the newest technologies in order to improve the energetic efficiency, increasing the installations’ reliability as well as its control and supervision.

Tefrigo has adapted its knowledge and experience to all the sector in which refrigeration is a main subject within their production process. The development of “key in hand” installation has been essential in our success in which Tefrigo provide all the elements needed for running the installation.

Tefrigo is currently facing new challenges implementing new systems and equipment as a result of the close relation with its customers and providers.

Energy efficiency and struggling against pollution gases is what have made Tefrigo specialize still using fluorinated gases in the installations among with natural refrigerants such as NH3 or CO2 which make a remarkable breakthrough which will allow our customers develop more efficient installations at the same time as they decrease the energy waste and therefore reducing the carbon footprint produced by the installations designed by Tefrigo.






Tefrigo has 2500 m2 facilities located in west industrial park of Alcantarilla where our office, workshop and storage are placed.