Maintenance 4.0
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Maintenance 4.0

We are aware of the importance of a maintenance plan in refrigeration installation, that is why at Tefrigo we establish a consensual and personalized action protocol to the needs of each client. For this, our Technical Assistance and Maintenance team has a high qualification and experience in the sector.

At first, we offer a support service during the guarantee period, which is complemented by a regular maintenance and support service governed by contractual agreements. Among the points of service, the precision of the systems, preventive tests, the adjustment of energy consumption and the prolongation of the useful life of the equipment

refrigeración industrial

Moreover, from within our team of Technical Assistance and Maintenance personnel we offer:


  • Adaptation and rehabilitation of installations


  • Law technical assistance for the adequation of your installation to the current legislation


  • Equipment for the supervision and remote control of our clients’ installations;  own remote management and monitoring system


  • Training plans for our customers technical staff


  • Service 24 hours 365 days



With the development of our own software system, we are able to maintain a permanent surveillance of your facilities, anticipating breakdowns and / or reducing their consequences.



  • Scada system adapted to the needs of each client


  • Sending alarms


  • Control and recording of installation parameters: compressors, condensers, frequency rangers, fans, pressures, temperatures, defrosts, humidity, air conditioning
Mantenimiento en Tefrigo Refrigeración